On Deck for This Fall

Inside Flybase

We've been extremely busy getting a few new features ready to roll out and I wanted to mention them here:

1. Config

This is something that was mostly internal until now, but we're about to push our configuration manager out to all users, this will give you a new API that you can use for setting variables and retrieving them. With a simple API call, you can retrieve settings for your apps based on environment.


FlybaseRef.config_get("prod").then(function(config) {
  var welcomeMessage = config.get("welcomeMessage");
}, function(error) {

This will work on all libraries, as well as via our REST API, and all configuration settings are stored under encryption, giving you a nice secure place to store configuration variables that you don't want to store in your code.

2. Uploads

In addition to storing data, users that have apps on paid accounts will soon be able to upload files directly to their Flybase apps and download or retrieve them at any time.

This can be used for storing images, js files, css files, html files, text files, you name it. You can even use it for hosting static websites. We're excited about this one, and have worked hard to make it ready to fit all your needs.

3. GraphQL API

Our GraphQL Api is finally ready for public consumption after making sure all was nice and beautiful so that will be out over the next couple weeks and will give you a whole new way to handle your data.

4. Scheduled Backups to S3

We're also going to be adding the ability to set scheduled backups of your data yourself to your own S3 buckets.

We're big on backups, we backup everything all day using our own custom system but since we know you want to watch your data yourself, we're going to be adding this feature so you can enter your S3 info and schedule when you want backups to happen, or even just push a button and do it yourself.

5. New Dashboard

Yes, it's that time again, we've got a new dashboard ready to go, and are just finishing up a few tweaks. This will integrate nicely with all the features coming the four mentioned above, as well as a few others we're keeping as a surprise.

At Flybase, we're always dedicated to providing a good experience, both in terms of what we build, and also in terms of support so if you have any questions at all in regards to what's above, feel free to reach out to us.