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What goes on inside flybase? How do we make our decisions on what updates to publish? What do we like on our pizza?

Introducing outgoing webhooks

Inside Flybase, code
Today we’re announcing outgoing webhooks - a long awaited feature that will notify your websites and apps whenever data changes occur. This opens up a new range of possible integrations Adding outgoing webhooks means you can get notified directly in slack or elsewhere when new records are added, when Read more »

On Deck for This Fall

Inside Flybase
We've been extremely busy getting a few new features ready to roll out and I wanted to mention them here: 1. Config This is something that was mostly internal until now, but we're about to push our configuration manager out to all users, this will give you a new API Read more »

From Jekyll to Ghost

Inside Flybase
We've just migrated this blog from Jekyll where it's been running on Github Pages for the past two years to Ghost. We still love Jekyll, but we really like the simplicity, writing experience and speed that Ghost offers It's been an interesting move, and not much has changed for readers, Read more »

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