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Building the Best Relationships We Can

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Alison Groves: Maslow had it wrong. To get it right, we have to move social needs to the bottom of his pyramid. -Matthew Lieberman (Professor of Social Cognitive Neuroscience at UCLA and author of the book Social) Babies would die without their caregivers at birth. Study after study show the Read more »


links, On Startups
DHH: The underpinning tenet of chasing exponential growth is that anything less than “all of it” is never enough. If there’s more possible, more out there, then it’s your gawd damn duty to hunt it down and make it yours. Such a pursuit is undoubtedly exciting in its Read more »

Scaling Growth

Gustaf Alstromer, YC’s newest Partner (formerly product lead for Growth at Airbnb) joined a panel with Ed Baker, (former Head of Growth at Uber), to share tips on growth experiments and team dynamics at a scaling company. Topics discussed: What is a north star metric for growth? If you Read more »

Building Production-Ready CSS Grid Layouts Today

Industries often experience evolution less as slow and steady progress than as revolutionary shifts in modality that change best practices and methodologies seemingly overnight. This is most definitely true for front-end web development. Our industry thrives on constant, aggressive development, and new technologies emerge on a regular basis that change Read more »

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