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Sometimes, it's nice to share what others have written and get thew word out. Links is a collection of posts just for that purpose.

We’re not giving browsers enough credit…

Christian Heilmann: A browser needs to enable people of all different abilities to reach what they came for. And ability isn’t a fixed state but fluctuates with environment and external influences. We don’t give browser makers enough credit for this amazing experience, as it is — like all good Read more »

Let's bury the hussle

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I love Gary Vaynerchuk dearly. So much of his message about patience and perseverance is completely in line with how I view the world. But I can’t take any more odes to “the hustle”. Like most banners, it either dies in obscurity or lives long enough to become perverted. Read more »

The hidden costs of indecision

Geoffrey Keating: You might have have heard the story of Buridan’s Ass (no laughing down the back), the story of a donkey stuck between two identical stacks of hay. Because the donkey lacks any reason to choose one over the other, it cannot decide which one to eat, and Read more »

Before You Launch A Startup, Learn This

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Nathan Kontny: My 2011 startup with Y Combinator imploded, largely because we couldn’t get enough traction. What was I going to do next? And more importantly, how was I going to avoid repeating my mistakes? [..] It’s happened for me. I went from that miserable failure of a startup Read more »

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