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Sometimes, it's nice to share what others have written and get thew word out. Links is a collection of posts just for that purpose.

FreshBooks’ Mike McDerment says “building your own competitor” is effective way to solve business problems

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Amira Zubairi, writing for BetaKit: At the latest FinTechTO, Mike McDerment, CEO and co-founder of FreshBooks, discussed the challenges teams face when re-platforming within a software company. He also offered tips on how entrepreneurs can successfully execute a redesign. McDerment kicked off his presentation by giving an overview of how Read more »

Jason Fried on One Door at a Time

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Entrepreneurs are told to go big or go home. Stop obsessing over scale, and perfect the basics instead. [..] But now, entrepreneurship seems like a sport. And the score depends on scale. How big can you get? How fast can you get big? How much power can you amass in the Read more »

Building the Best Relationships We Can

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Alison Groves: Maslow had it wrong. To get it right, we have to move social needs to the bottom of his pyramid. -Matthew Lieberman (Professor of Social Cognitive Neuroscience at UCLA and author of the book Social) Babies would die without their caregivers at birth. Study after study show the Read more »

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