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Intercom on Customer Support

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Today we released our third book, Intercom on Customer Support. It explains how we think about customer support, and the principles we applied as we scaled our team to support over 8,000 customers in 85 countries. Like our previous two books, this is not a laundry list of tips Read more »

Blogs We Read

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I get asked a lot if there are any startup blogs I'd recommend, so here's a list of the blogs we read the most. In this blog, we share links pretty often to posts that are worth sharing, these posts come from blogs we read every day or two. Signal Read more »

Recommended Reading: The Customer Support Handbook

How do you hire the best support team? What’s the best use of social media for support and service? Should we apologize for the inconvenience? The web’s leading experts are ready to share our answers and experience with everyone, plus share stories and radical advice for building your Read more »

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